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Classic Focaccia

Olive oil, herbs & fresh garlic

R 62.00

Focaccia Bianca

Mozzarella, garlic & olive oil

R 86.00


Mozzarella, tomato base & fresh basil

R 85.00

Four Seasons

Mozzarella, tomato base, artichokes, mushrooms, ham & olives

R 106.00

The Blues

No cheese! Tomato base, grilled brinjal, roasted red & yellow peppers, fresh rocket, mushrooms & olives

R 102.00

Sweet & Stinky

Mozzarella, tomato base, blue cheese, bacon, spicy tomato ginger relish & avo*

R 118.00

Spicy Beef with rump

Mozzarella, tomato base, saucy beef rump strips, red onion, olives & mushrooms

R 135.00

Spicy Beef with fillet

Mozzarella, tomato base, saucy beef fillet strips, red onion, olives & mushrooms

R 146.00

Sweet Chicken

Mozzarella, tomato base, sweet chilli chicken breast strips,feta, peppadews & avo*

R 113.00

Texas Chicken

Mozzarella, tomato base, BBQ chicken breast strips, pineapple & red onion

R 105.00


Mozzarella, tomato base, Italian salami & avo*

R 107.00

Three's Company

Mozzarella, tomato base, bacon, feta & olives

R 99.00

Chicken Prego

Breast strips, mozzarella, prego sauce & caramelised onion

R 107.00

Build your own pizza

Basic pizza (tomato base & mozzarella)

R 51.00