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HOT BREAKFAST (all day) Dairy


Three eggs baked in a spicy tomato ragu.

R 75.00

Eggs Your Own Way

Two eggs fried, scrambled or poached

R 30.00

Scrambled Salmon

Three egg scramble with smoked salmon, cream- cheese and capers

R 125.00

Three egg omelette

R 40.00

Mushroom Omelette

Three egg open omelette with spicy feta, grilled Mushrooms, roasted peppers and cherry tomatoes

R 70.00

Breakfast Laffa

Toasted laffa filled with scrambled egg, caramelised onion, cherry tomatoes and black mushrooms

R 70.00

Eggs & Halloumi

Two eggs, grilled tomato, black mushrooms and grilled halloumi cheese

R 85.00

Latkes & Poached Eggs

Two poached eggs on latkes, topped with Friends hollandaise, spring onions and sliced avo

R 85.00

Kippers & Eggs

Three baby kippers, two eggs, poached or fried, cherry tomatoes and sliced avocado

R 90.00

Hummus Stack

Health toast with hummus, rocket, roasted tomatoes, sliced avo and feta. Topped with a poached egg

R 65.00

Low Carb Breakfast

Two grilled black mushrooms, two eggs with marinated cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach & halloumi cheese

R 80.00

Friends Breakfast

Two eggs, fried or poached, fried tomato, fried onion and roasted brinjal

R 45.00

Crumpet Stack

Four delicious crumpets with sugar and cinnamon, topped with syrup

R 40.00

Deluxe Crumpet Stack

Four delicious crumpets with maple cream cheese and berry coulis, topped with honey

R 45.00