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A classic pizza sauce topped with creamy mozzarella

R 60.00

Beetroot Butternut and Feta

Roasted beetroot and butternut, topped with mozzarella and crumbed feta

R 90.00

Aubergine and halloumi

Roasted brinjals, halloumi and mozzarella

R 90.00

Spicy Feta & Tuna

Shredded Tuna topped with a feta, red pepper & chilli blend

R 90.00

Halloumi & Pesto

Sprinkled with pine nuts

R 80.00

The Veg

Grilled brinjals, olives, peppadews and red onion, topped with mozzarella

R 90.00

FOCACCIA BREAD Pesto & freshly chopped tomato

R 45.00

FOCACCIA BREAD Humus, Israeli salad, basil

R 45.00